15 USC 78ggg - SEC functions

(a) Administrative procedure 
Determinations of the Commission, for purposes of making rules pursuant to section 78ccc (e)(3) and section 78iii (f) of this title shall be after appropriate notice and opportunity for a hearing, and for submission of views of interested persons in accordance with the rulemaking procedures specified in section 553 of title 5, but the holding of a hearing shall not prevent adoption of any such rule or regulation upon expiration of the notice period specified in subsection (d) of such section and shall not be required to be on a record within the meaning of subchapter II of chapter 5 of such title.
(b) Enforcement of actions 
In the event of the refusal of SIPC to commit its funds or otherwise to act for the protection of customers of any member of SIPC, the Commission may apply to the district court of the United States in which the principal office of SIPC is located for an order requiring SIPC to discharge its obligations under this chapter and for such other relief as the court may deem appropriate to carry out the purposes of this chapter.
(c) Examinations and reports 

(1) Examination of SIPC, etc. 
The Commission may make such examinations and inspections of SIPC and require SIPC to furnish it with such reports and records or copies thereof as the Commission may consider necessary or appropriate in the public interest or to effectuate the purposes of this chapter.

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(2) Reports from SIPC 
As soon as practicable after the close of each fiscal year, SIPC shall submit to the Commission a written report relative to the conduct of its business, and the exercise of the other rights and powers granted by this chapter, during such fiscal year. Such report shall include financial statements setting forth the financial position of SIPC at the end of such fiscal year and the results of its operations (including the source and application of its funds) for such fiscal year. The financial statements so included shall be examined by an independent public accountant or firm of independent public accountants, selected by SIPC and satisfactory to the Commission, and shall be accompanied by the report thereon of such accountant or firm. The Commission shall transmit such report to the President and the Congress with such comment thereon as the Commission may deem appropriate.