12 USC 5011 - Consumer awareness

(a) In general 
Each bank shall provide, in accordance with subsection (b), a brief notice about substitute checks that describes
(1) how a substitute check is the legal equivalent of an original check for all purposes, including any provision of any Federal or State law, and for all persons, if the substitute check
(A) accurately represents all of the information on the front and back of the original check as of the time at which the original check was truncated; and
(B) bears the legend: This is a legal copy of your check. You can use it in the same way you would use the original check.; and

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(2) the consumer recredit rights established under section 5006 of this title when a consumer believes in good faith that a substitute check was not properly charged to the account of the consumer.
(b) Distribution 

(1) Existing customers 
With respect to consumers who are customers of a bank on the effective date of this chapter and who receive original checks or substitute checks, a bank shall provide the notice described in subsection (a) to each such consumer no later than the first regularly scheduled communication with the consumer after the effective date of this chapter.
(2) New account holders 
A bank shall provide the notice described in subsection (a) to each consumer who will receive original checks or substitute checks, other than existing customers referred to in paragraph (1), at the time at which the customer relationship is initiated.
(3) Mode of delivery 
A bank may send the notices required by this subsection by United States mail or by any other means through which the consumer has agreed to receive account information.
(4) Consumers who request copies of checks 
Notice shall be provided to each consumer of the bank that requests a copy of a check and receives a substitute check, at the time of the request.
(c) Model language 

(1) In general 
Before the end of the 9-month period beginning on October 28, 2003, the Board shall publish model forms and clauses that a bank may use to describe each of the elements required by subsection (a).
(2) Safe harbor 

(A) In general 
A bank shall be treated as being in compliance with the requirements of subsection (a) if the banks substitute check notice uses a model form or clause published by the Board and such model form or clause accurately describes the banks policies and practices.

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(B) Deletion or rearrangement 
A bank may delete any information in the model form or clause that is not required by this chapter or rearrange the format.
(3) Use of model language not required 
This section shall not be construed as requiring any bank to use a model form or clause that the Board prepares under this subsection.