12 USC 3305 - Functions of Council

(a) Establishment of principles and standards 
The Council shall establish uniform principles and standards and report forms for the examination of financial institutions which shall be applied by the Federal financial institutions regulatory agencies.
(b) Making recommendations regarding supervisory matters and adequacy of supervisory tools 

(1) The Council shall make recommendations for uniformity in other supervisory matters, such as, but not limited to, classifying loans subject to country risk, identifying financial institutions in need of special supervisory attention, and evaluating the soundness of large loans that are shared by two or more financial institutions. In addition, the Council shall make recommendations regarding the adequacy of supervisory tools for determining the impact of holding company operations on the financial institutions within the holding company and shall consider the ability of supervisory agencies to discover possible fraud or questionable and illegal payments and practices which might occur in the operation of financial institutions or their holding companies.
(2) When a recommendation of the Council is found unacceptable by one or more of the applicable Federal financial institutions regulatory agencies, the agency or agencies shall submit to the Council, within a time period specified by the Council, a written statement of the reasons the recommendation is unacceptable.

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(c) Development of uniform reporting system 
The Council shall develop uniform reporting systems for federally supervised financial institutions, their holding companies, and nonfinancial institution subsidiaries of such institutions or holding companies. The authority to develop uniform reporting systems shall not restrict or amend the requirements of section 78l (i) of title 15.
(d) Conducting schools for examiners and assistant examiners 
The Council shall conduct schools for examiners and assistant examiners employed by the Federal financial institutions regulatory agencies. Such schools shall be open to enrollment by employees of State financial institutions supervisory agencies and employees of the Federal Housing Finance Board under conditions specified by the Council.
(e) Affect on Federal regulatory agency research and development of new financial institutions supervisory agencies 
Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to limit or discourage Federal regulatory agency research and development of new financial institutions supervisory methods and tools, nor to preclude the field testing of any innovation devised by any Federal regulatory agency.
(f) Annual report 
Not later than April 1 of each year, the Council shall prepare an annual report covering its activities during the preceding year.
(g) Flood insurance 
The Council shall consult with and assist the Federal entities for lending regulation, as such term is defined in section 4121 (a) of title 42, in developing and coordinating uniform standards and requirements for use by regulated lending institutions under the national flood insurance program.