11 USC 941 - Filing of plan

The debtor shall file a plan for the adjustment of the debtors debts. If such a plan is not filed with the petition, the debtor shall file such a plan at such later time as the court fixes.

11 USC 942 - Modification of plan

The debtor may modify the plan at any time before confirmation, but may not modify the plan so that the plan as modified fails to meet the requirements of this chapter. After the debtor files a modification, the plan as modified becomes the plan.

11 USC 943 - Confirmation

(a) A special tax payer may object to confirmation of a plan.
(b) The court shall confirm the plan if
(1) the plan complies with the provisions of this title made applicable by sections 103 (e)1 and 901 of this title;
(2) the plan complies with the provisions of this chapter;
(3) all amounts to be paid by the debtor or by any person for services or expenses in the case or incident to the plan have been fully disclosed and are reasonable;
(4) the debtor is not prohibited by law from taking any action necessary to carry out the plan;
(5) except to the extent that the holder of a particular claim has agreed to a different treatment of such claim, the plan provides that on the effective date of the plan each holder of a claim of a kind specified in section 507 (a)(2) of this title will receive on account of such claim cash equal to the allowed amount of such claim;
(6) any regulatory or electoral approval necessary under applicable nonbankruptcy law in order to carry out any provision of the plan has been obtained, or such provision is expressly conditioned on such approval; and
(7) the plan is in the best interests of creditors and is feasible.
[1] See References in Text note below.

11 USC 944 - Effect of confirmation

(a) The provisions of a confirmed plan bind the debtor and any creditor, whether or not
(1) a proof of such creditors claim is filed or deemed filed under section 501 of this title;
(2) such claim is allowed under section 502 of this title; or
(3) such creditor has accepted the plan.
(b) Except as provided in subsection (c) of this section, the debtor is discharged from all debts as of the time when
(1) the plan is confirmed;
(2) the debtor deposits any consideration to be distributed under the plan with a disbursing agent appointed by the court; and
(3) the court has determined
(A) that any security so deposited will constitute, after distribution, a valid legal obligation of the debtor; and
(B) that any provision made to pay or secure payment of such obligation is valid.
(c) The debtor is not discharged under subsection (b) of this section from any debt
(1) excepted from discharge by the plan or order confirming the plan; or
(2) owed to an entity that, before confirmation of the plan, had neither notice nor actual knowledge of the case.

11 USC 945 - Continuing jurisdiction and closing of the case

(a) The court may retain jurisdiction over the case for such period of time as is necessary for the successful implementation of the plan.
(b) Except as provided in subsection (a) of this section, the court shall close the case when administration of the case has been completed.

11 USC 946 - Effect of exchange of securities before the date of the filing of the petition

The exchange of a new security under the plan for a claim covered by the plan, whether such exchange occurred before or after the date of the filing of the petition, does not limit or impair the effectiveness of the plan or of any provision of this chapter. The amount and number specified in section 1126 (c) of this title include the amount and number of claims formerly held by a creditor that has participated in any such exchange.