10 USC 6952 - Civilian teachers: number; compensation

(a) The Secretary of the Navy may employ as many civilians as professors, instructors, and lecturers at the Naval Academy as he considers necessary.
(b) The compensation of persons employed under this section is as prescribed by the Secretary.
(c) The Secretary of the Navy may, notwithstanding the provisions of subchapter V of chapter 55 of title 5 or section 6101 of such title, prescribe for persons employed under this section the following:
(1) The work schedule, including hours of work and tours of duty, set forth with such specificity and other characteristics as the Secretary determines appropriate.
(2) Any premium pay or compensatory time off for hours of work or tours of duty in excess of the regularly scheduled hours or tours of duty.
(d) The Secretary, to the extent he considers proper, may delegate the authority conferred by this section to any person in the Department of the Navy, with or without the authority to make successive redelegations.