10 USC 6333 - Computation of retired and retainer pay

(a) The monthly retired pay or retainer pay of a member entitled to such pay under this chapter or under section 6970 or 6383 of this title is computed in accordance with the following table.
(1) Retired pay or retainer pay computed under this section, if not a multiple of $1, shall be rounded to the next lower multiple of $1.
(2) References in the table in subsection (a) are to sections of this title.
(c) In the case of a Reserve enlisted member whose grade upon transfer to the Fleet Reserve or Fleet Marine Corps Reserve is determined under section 6336 of this title and who first became a member of a uniformed service before September 8, 1980, the retainer pay base of the member (notwithstanding section 1406 (a)(1) of this title) is the amount of the monthly basic pay of the grade in which the member is so transferred (determined based upon the rates of basic pay applicable on the date of the members transfer), and that amount shall be used for the purposes of the table in subsection (a) rather than the amount computed under section 1406 (d) of this title.