10 USC 2583 - Military animals: transfer and adoption

(a) Availability for Adoption.— 
The Secretary of the military department concerned may make a military animal of such military department available for adoption by a person or entity referred to in subsection (c), unless the animal has been determined to be unsuitable for adoption under subsection (b), under circumstances as follows:
(1) At the end of the animals useful life.
(2) Before the end of the animals useful life, if such Secretary, in such Secretarys discretion, determines that unusual or extraordinary circumstances justify making the animal available for adoption before that time.
(3) When the animal is otherwise excess to the needs of such military department.

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(b) Suitability for Adoption.— 
The decision whether a particular military animal is suitable or unsuitable for adoption under this section shall be made by the commander of the last unit to which the animal is assigned before being declared excess. The unit commander shall consider the recommendations of the units veterinarian in making the decision regarding the adoptability of the animal.
(c) Authorized Recipients.— 
Military animals may be adopted under this section by law enforcement agencies, former handlers of these animals, and other persons capable of humanely caring for these animals.
(d) Consideration.— 
The transfer of a military animal under this section may be without charge to the recipient.
(e) Limitations on Liability for Transferred Animals.— 

(1) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the United States shall not be subject to any suit, claim, demand or action, liability, judgment, cost, or other fee arising out of any claim for personal injury or property damage (including death, illness, or loss of or damage to property or other economic loss) that results from, or is in any manner predicated upon, the act or omission of a former military animal transferred under this section, including any training provided to the animal while a military animal.
(2) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the United States shall not be liable for any veterinary expense associated with a military animal transferred under this section for a condition of the military animal before transfer under this section, whether or not such condition is known at the time of transfer under this section.
(f) Annual Report.— 
The Secretary of Defense shall submit to Congress an annual report specifying the number of military animals adopted under this section during the preceding year, the number of these animals currently awaiting adoption, and the number of these animals euthanized during the preceding year. With respect to each euthanized military animal, the report shall contain an explanation of the reasons why the animal was euthanized rather than retained for adoption under this section.
(g) Military Animal Defined.— 
In this section, the term military animal means the following:
(1) A military working dog.
(2) A horse owned by the Department of Defense.