7 USC 8112 - Forest biomass for energy

(a) In general 
The Secretary, acting through the Forest Service, shall conduct a competitive research and development program to encourage use of forest biomass for energy.
(b) Eligible entities 
Entities eligible to compete under the program under this section include
(1) the Forest Service (acting through Research and Development);
(2) other Federal agencies;

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(3) State and local governments;
(4) Indian tribes;
(5) land-grant colleges and universities; and
(6) private entities.
(c) Priority for project selection 
In carrying out this section, the Secretary shall give priority to projects that
(1) develop technology and techniques to use low-value forest biomass, such as byproducts of forest health treatments and hazardous fuels reduction, for the production of energy;
(2) develop processes that integrate production of energy from forest biomass into biorefineries or other existing manufacturing streams;
(3) develop new transportation fuels from forest biomass; and
(4) improve the growth and yield of trees intended for renewable energy production.
(d) Authorization of appropriations 
There is authorized to be appropriated to carry out this section $15,000,000 for each of fiscal years 2009 through 2012.