7 USC 2009bb3 - Supplements to Federal grant programs

(a) Finding 
Congress finds that certain States and local communities of the region may be unable to take maximum advantage of Federal grant programs for which the States and communities are eligible because
(1) they lack the economic resources to provide the required matching share; or
(2) there are insufficient funds available under the applicable Federal law authorizing the Federal grant program to meet pressing needs of the region.
(b) Federal grant program funding 
Notwithstanding any provision of law limiting the Federal share, the areas eligible for assistance, or the authorizations of appropriations, under any Federal grant program, and in accordance with subsection (c) of this section, the Authority, with the approval of the Federal cochairperson and with respect to a project to be carried out in the region

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(1) may increase the Federal share of the costs of a project under any Federal grant program to not more than 90 percent (except as provided in section 2009bb–5 (b) of this title); and
(2) shall use amounts made available to carry out this subchapter to pay the increased Federal share.
(c) Certifications 

(1) In general 
In the case of any project for which all or any portion of the basic Federal share of the costs of the project is proposed to be paid under this section, no Federal contribution shall be made until the Federal official administering the Federal law that authorizes the Federal grant program certifies that the project
(A) meets (except as provided in subsection (b) of this section) the applicable requirements of the applicable Federal grant program; and
(B) could be approved for Federal contribution under the Federal grant program if funds were available under the law for the project.
(2) Certification by Authority 

(A) In general 
The certifications and determinations required to be made by the Authority for approval of projects under this Act in accordance with section 2009bb–8 of this title
(i) shall be controlling; and
(ii) shall be accepted by the Federal agencies.

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(B) Acceptance by Federal cochairperson 
In the case of any project described in paragraph (1), any finding, report, certification, or documentation required to be submitted with respect to the project to the head of the department, agency, or instrumentality of the Federal Government responsible for the administration of the Federal grant program under which the project is carried out shall be accepted by the Federal cochairperson.