7 USC 2009bb1a - Interstate cooperation for economic opportunity and efficiency

(a) In general 
The Authority shall provide assistance to States in developing regional plans to address multistate economic issues, including plans
(1) to develop a regional transmission system for movement of renewable energy to markets outside the region;
(2) to address regional transportation concerns, including the establishment of a Northern Great Plains Regional Transportation Working Group;
(3) to encourage and support interstate collaboration on federally-funded research that is in the national interest; and

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(4) to establish a Regional Working Group on Agriculture Development and Transportation.
(b) Economic issues 
The multistate economic issues referred to in subsection (a) shall include
(1) renewable energy development and transmission;
(2) transportation planning and economic development;
(3) information technology;
(4) movement of freight and individuals within the region;
(5) federally-funded research at institutions of higher education; and
(6) conservation land management.