7 USC 2009aa7 - Program development criteria

(a) In general 
In considering programs and projects to be provided assistance under this subchapter, and in establishing a priority ranking of the requests for assistance provided by the Authority, the Authority shall follow procedures that ensure, to the maximum extent practicable, consideration of
(1) the relationship of the project or class of projects to overall regional development;
(2) the per capita income and poverty and unemployment rates in an area;
(3) the financial resources available to the applicants for assistance seeking to carry out the project, with emphasis on ensuring that projects are adequately financed to maximize the probability of successful economic development;

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(4) the importance of the project or class of projects in relation to other projects or classes of projects that may be in competition for the same funds;
(5) the prospects that the project for which assistance is sought will improve, on a continuing rather than a temporary basis, the opportunities for employment, the average level of income, or the economic development of the area served by the project; and
(6) the extent to which the project design provides for detailed outcome measurements by which grant expenditures and the results of the expenditures may be evaluated.
(b) No relocation assistance 
No financial assistance authorized by this subchapter shall be used to assist a person or entity in relocating from one area to another, except that financial assistance may be used as otherwise authorized by this chapter to attract businesses from outside the region to the region.
(c) Reduction of funds 
Funds may be provided for a program or project in a State under this subchapter only if the Authority determines that the level of Federal or State financial assistance provided under a law other than this subchapter, for the same type of program or project in the same area of the State within the region, will not be reduced as a result of funds made available by this subchapter.