7 USC 1385 - Finality of payments and loans; substitution of beneficiaries

The facts constituting the basis for any chapter 3B of title 16 payment, any payment under the wheat, feed grain, upland cotton, extra long staple cotton, and rice programs authorized by chapter 35A of this title and this chapter, any loan, or price support operation, or the amount thereof, when officially determined in conformity with the applicable regulations prescribed by the Secretary or by the Commodity Credit Corporation, shall be final and conclusive and shall not be reviewable by any other officer or agency of the Government. In case any person who is entitled to any such payment dies, becomes incompetent, or disappears before receiving such payment, or is succeeded by another who renders or completes the required performance, the payment shall, without regard to any other provisions of law, be made as the Secretary of Agriculture may determine to be fair and reasonable in all the circumstances and provide by regulations. This section also shall be applicable to payments provided for under section 1348 of this title.