7 USC 1377 - Preservation of unused acreage allotments

In any case in which, during any year beginning with 1956, the acreage planted to a commodity on any farm is less than the acreage allotment for such farm, the entire acreage allotment for such farm (excluding any allotment released from the farm or reapportioned to the farm and any allotment provided for the farm pursuant to subsection (f)(7)(A) of section 1344 of this title) shall, except as provided herein, be considered for the purpose of establishing future State, county and farm acreage allotments, to have been planted to such commodity in such year on such farm, but the 1956 acreage allotment of any commodity shall be regarded as planted under this section only if the owner or operator on such farm notified the county committee prior to the sixtieth day preceding the beginning of the marketing year for such commodity of his desire to preserve such allotment: Provided, That beginning with the 1960 crop, except for federally owned land, the current farm acreage allotment established for a commodity shall not be preserved as history acreage pursuant to the provisions of this section unless for the current year or either of the two preceding years as acreage equal to 75 per centum or more of the farm acreage allotment for such year or, in the case of upland cotton on a farm which qualified for price support on the crop produced in any such year under section 1444 (b) of this title, 75 per centum of the farm domestic allotment established under section 1350 of this title for any such year, whichever is smaller was actually planted or devoted to the commodity on the farm (or was regarded as planted under provisions of the Soil Bank Act or the environmental quality incentives program established under chapter 4 of subtitle D of title XII of the Food Security Act of 1985 [16 U.S.C. 3839aa et seq.]): Provided further, That this section shall not be applicable in any case, within the period 1956 to 1959, in which the amount of the commodity required to be stored to postpone or avoid payment of penalty has been reduced because the allotment was not fully planted. Acreage history credits for released or reapportioned acreage shall be governed by the applicable provisions of this subchapter pertaining to the release and reapportionment of acreage allotments.