7 USC 20 - Market reports

(a) Information 
The Commission may conduct regular investigations of the markets for goods, articles, services, rights, and interests which are the subject of futures contracts, and furnish reports of the findings of these investigations to the public on a regular basis. These market reports shall, where appropriate, include information on the supply, demand, prices, and other conditions in the United States and other countries with respect to such goods, articles, services, rights, interests, and information respecting the futures markets.
(b) Avoidance of duplication 
The Commission shall cooperate with the Department of Agriculture and any other Department or Federal agency which makes market investigations to avoid unnecessary duplication of information-gathering activities.
(c) Furnishing of information; confidentiality 
The Department of Agriculture and any other Department or Federal agency which has market information sought by the Commission shall furnish it to the Commission upon the request of any authorized employee of the Commission. The Commission shall abide by any rules of confidentiality applying to such information.
(d) Disclosure of business transactions, market positions, trade secrets, or names of customers 
The Commission shall not disclose in such reports data and information which would separately disclose the business transactions or market positions of any person and trade secrets or names of customers except as provided in section 12 of this title.
(e) Application 
This section shall not apply to investigations involving any security underlying a security futures product.