7 USC 6g - Reporting and recordkeeping

(a) In general 
Every person registered hereunder as futures commission merchant, introducing broker, floor broker, or floor trader shall make such reports as are required by the Commission regarding the transactions and positions of such person, and the transactions and positions of the customer thereof, in commodities for future delivery on any board of trade in the United States or elsewhere, and in any significant price discovery contract traded or executed on an electronic trading facility or any agreement, contract, or transaction that is treated by a derivatives clearing organization, whether registered or not registered, as fungible with a significant price discovery contract; shall keep books and records pertaining to such transactions and positions in such form and manner and for such period as may be required by the Commission; and shall keep such books and records open to inspection by any representative of the Commission or the United States Department of Justice.
(b) Daily trading records: registered entities 
Every registered entity shall maintain daily trading records. The daily trading records shall include such information as the Commission shall prescribe by rule.
(c) Daily trading records: floor brokers, introducing brokers, and futures commission merchants 
Floor brokers, introducing brokers, and futures commission merchants shall maintain daily trading records for each customer in such manner and form as to be identifiable with the trades referred to in subsection (b) of this section.
(d) Daily trading records: form and reports 
Daily trading records shall be maintained in a form suitable to the Commission for such period as may be required by the Commission. Reports shall be made from the records maintained at such times and at such places and in such form as the Commission may prescribe by rule, order, or regulation in order to protect the public interest and the interest of persons trading in commodity futures.
(e) Disclosure of information 
Before the beginning of trading each day, the exchange shall, insofar as is practicable and under terms and conditions specified by the Commission, make public the volume of trading on each type of contract for the previous day and such other information as the Commission deems necessary in the public interest and prescribes by rule, order, or regulation.
(f) Authority of Commission to make separate determinations unimpaired 
Nothing contained in this section shall be construed to prohibit the Commission from making separate determinations for different registered entities when such determinations are warranted in the judgment of the Commission.