5 USC 8958 - Premiums

(a) Each eligible individual obtaining supplemental dental coverage under this chapter shall be responsible for 100 percent of the premiums for such coverage.
(b) The Office shall prescribe regulations specifying the terms and conditions under which individuals are required to pay the premiums for enrollment.
(c) The amount necessary to pay the premiums for enrollment may
(1) in the case of an employee, be withheld from the pay of such an employee; or

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(2) in the case of an annuitant, be withheld from the annuity of such an annuitant.
(d) All amounts withheld under this section shall be paid directly to the qualified company.
(e) Each participating qualified company shall maintain accounting records that contain such information and reports as the Office may require.
(1) The Employee Health Benefits Fund is available, without fiscal year limitation, for reasonable expenses incurred by the Office in administering this chapter before the first day of the first contract period, including reasonable implementation costs.
(A) There is established in the Employees Health Benefits Fund a Dental Benefits Administrative Account, which shall be available to the Office, without fiscal year limitation, to defray reasonable expenses incurred by the Office in administering this chapter after the start of the first contract year.
(B) A contract under this chapter shall include appropriate provisions under which the qualified company involved shall, during each year, make such periodic contributions to the Dental Benefits Administrative Account as necessary to ensure that the reasonable anticipated expenses of the Office in administering this chapter during such year are defrayed.