5 USC 5391 - Definitions

For the purposes of this subchapter, agency, employee, and position have the meanings given them by section 5102.

5 USC 5392 - Establishment of special occupational pay systems

(a) Authority under this section may be exercised with respect to any occupation or group of occupations to which subchapter III applies (or would apply but for this section).
(b) Subject to subsection (a), the Presidents pay agent (as referred to in section 5304 (d)) may establish one or more special occupational pay systems for any positions within occupations or groups of occupations that the pay agent determines, for reasons of good administration, should not be classified under chapter 51 or subject to subchapter III.
(c) In establishing special occupational pay systems, the pay agent shall
(1) identify occupations or groups of occupations for which chapter 51 and subchapter III do not function adequately;
(2) consider alternative approaches for determining the pay for employees in positions in such occupations or groups of occupations;
(3) give thorough consideration to the views of agencies employing such employees and labor organizations representing such employees, as well as other interested parties;
(4) publish a proposed plan for determining the pay of such employees in the Federal Register;
(5) conduct one or more public hearings;
(6) provide each House of Congress with a report at least 90 days in advance of the date the system is to take effect setting forth the details of the proposed plan; and
(7) not later than 30 days before the date the system is to take effect, publish in the Federal Register the details of the final plan for the special occupational pay system.
(d) A special occupational pay system may not
(1) provide for a waiver of any law, rule, or regulation that could not be waived under section 4703 (c); or
(2) provide a rate of basic pay for any employee in excess of the rate payable for level V of the Executive Schedule.
(e) Subject to subsection (d)(2), effective at the beginning of the first applicable pay period commencing on or after the first day of the month in which an adjustment takes effect under section 5303 in the rates of pay under the General Schedule, each rate of pay established under this section shall be adjusted by such amount as the Office considers appropriate.