970 F2d 900 In Re School Asbestos Litigation

970 F.2d 900

In re School Asbestos Litigation; School District of
Lancaster, Manheim Township School Dist.,
Lampeter- Strasburg School Dist.,
Northeastern School Dist.
Lake Asbestos of Quebec, Ltd., Celotex Corp., Raymark
Industries, Inc., Union Carbide Corp., Asbestospray Corp.,
Sprayo-Flake Co., National Gypsum Co., Sprayed Insulation,
Inc., Asbestos Fibres Inc., Dana Corp., U.S. Gypsum, U.S.
Mineral Products Co., Sprayon Insulation & Acoustics, Inc.,
Sprayon Research Corp.,

NO. 91-1871

United States Court of Appeals,
Third Circuit.

June 30, 1992

Appeal From: E.D.Pa.,

Kelly, J.

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