7 USC 1934 - Low-income farm ownership loan program; eligibility; repayment requirements

(a) The Secretary is authorized to make and insure loans for any of the purposes referred to in section 1923 (a) of this title, or paragraphs (1) through (5) of section 1924 (a) of this title, to farmers and ranchers in the United States who
(1)  are citizens of the United States,
(2)  meet the requirements of paragraphs (2) through (4) of section 1922 of this title,
(3)  are unable to obtain sufficient credit under section 1922 of this title to finance their actual needs,

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(4)  are owners or operators of small or family farms (including new owners or operators),
(5)  are farmers or ranchers with a low income, and
(6)  demonstrate a need to maximize their income from farming or ranching operations. The Secretary is also authorized to make such loans to any farm cooperative or private domestic corporation or partnership that is controlled by farmers and ranchers and engaged primarily and directly in farming or ranching in the United States if all of its members, stockholders, or partners, as applicable, are citizens of the United States and the entity and all such members, stockholders, or partners meet the requirements of paragraphs (2) through (6) of the preceding sentence.
(b) Each loan made or insured under this section shall be repayable in such installments as the Secretary determines will provide for reduced payments during the initial repayment period of the loan and larger payments during the remainder of the repayment period of the loan.