5 USC 8343 - Additional annuities; voluntary contributions

(a) Under regulations prescribed by the Office of Personnel Management, an employee or Member may voluntarily contribute additional sums in multiples of $25, but the total may not exceed 10 percent of his basic pay for creditable service after July 31, 1920. The voluntary contribution account in each case is the sum of unrefunded contributions, plus interest at 3 percent a year through December 31, 1984, and thereafter at the rate computed under section 8334 (e) of this title, compounded annually to
(1) the date of payment under subsection (d) of this section, separation, or transfer to a position in which he does not continue subject to this subchapter, whichever is earliest; or
(2) the commencing date fixed for a deferred annuity or date of death, whichever is earlier, in the case of an individual who is separated with title to deferred annuity and does not claim the voluntary contribution account.
(b) The voluntary contribution account is used to purchase at retirement an annuity in addition to the annuity otherwise provided. For each $100 in the voluntary contribution account, the additional annuity consists of $7, increased by 20 cents for each full year, if any, the employee or Member is over 55 years of age at the date of retirement.
(c) A retiring employee or Member may elect a reduced additional annuity instead of the additional annuity described by subsection (b) of this section and designate in writing an individual to receive after his death an annuity of 50 percent of his reduced additional annuity. The additional annuity of the employee or Member making the election is reduced by 10 percent, and by 5 percent for each full 5 years the individual designated is younger than the retiring employee or Member. However, the total reduction may not exceed 40 percent.
(d) A present or former employee or Member is entitled to be paid the voluntary contribution account if he files application for payment with the Office before receiving an additional annuity. An individual who has been paid the voluntary contribution account may not again deposit additional sums under this section until, after a separation from the service of more than 3 calendar days, he again becomes subject to this subchapter.
(e) If a present or former employee or Member not retired dies, the voluntary contribution account is paid under section 8342 (c) of this title. If all additional annuities or any right thereto based on the voluntary contribution account of a deceased employee or Member terminate before the total additional annuity paid equals the account, the difference is paid under section 8342 (c) of this title.