5 USC 565 - Establishment of committee

(a) Establishment.— 

(1) Determination to establish committee.— 
If after considering comments and applications submitted under section 564, the agency determines that a negotiated rulemaking committee can adequately represent the interests that will be significantly affected by a proposed rule and that it is feasible and appropriate in the particular rulemaking, the agency may establish a negotiated rulemaking committee. In establishing and administering such a committee, the agency shall comply with the Federal Advisory Committee Act with respect to such committee, except as otherwise provided in this subchapter.
(2) Determination not to establish committee.— 
If after considering such comments and applications, the agency decides not to establish a negotiated rulemaking committee, the agency shall promptly publish notice of such decision and the reasons therefor in the Federal Register and, as appropriate, in trade or other specialized publications, a copy of which shall be sent to any person who applied for, or nominated another person for membership on the negotiating[1] rulemaking committee to represent such interests with respect to the proposed rule.
(b) Membership.— 
The agency shall limit membership on a negotiated rulemaking committee to 25 members, unless the agency head determines that a greater number of members is necessary for the functioning of the committee or to achieve balanced membership. Each committee shall include at least one person representing the agency.
(c) Administrative Support.— 
The agency shall provide appropriate administrative support to the negotiated rulemaking committee, including technical assistance.
[1] So in original. Probably should be “negotiated”.