5 USC 5531 - Definitions

For the purpose of section 5533 of this title
(1) member has the meaning given such term by section 101 (23) of title 37;
(2) position means a civilian office or position (including a temporary, part-time, or intermittent position), appointive or elective, in the legislative, executive, or judicial branch of the Government of the United States (including a Government corporation and a nonappropriated fund instrumentality under the jurisdiction of the armed forces) or in the government of the District of Columbia;
(3) retired or retainer pay means retired pay, as defined in section 8311 (3) of this title, determined without regard to subparagraphs (B) through (D) of such section 8311 (3); except that such term does not include an annuity payable to an eligible beneficiary of a member or former member of a uniformed service under chapter 73 of title 10;
(4) agency in the legislative branch means the Government Accountability Office, the Government Printing Office, the Library of Congress, the Office of Technology Assessment, the Office of the Architect of the Capitol, the United States Botanic Garden, and the Congressional Budget Office;

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(5) employee of the House of Representatives means a congressional employee whose pay is disbursed by the Chief Administrative Officer of the House of Representatives;
(6) employee of the Senate means a congressional employee whose pay is disbursed by the Secretary of the Senate; and
(7) congressional employee has the meaning given that term by section 2107 of this title, excluding an employee of an agency in the legislative branch.