5 USC 4118 - Regulations

(a) The Office of Personnel Management, after considering the needs and requirements of each agency for training its employees and after consulting with the agencies principally concerned, shall prescribe regulations containing the principles, standards, and related requirements for the programs, and plans thereunder, for the training of employees under this chapter, including requirements for coordination of and reasonable uniformity in the agency training programs and plans. The regulations shall provide for the maintenance of necessary information concerning the general conduct of the training activities of each agency, and such other information as is necessary to enable the President and Congress to discharge effectively their respective duties and responsibilities for supervision, control, and review of these training programs. The regulations also shall cover
(1) requirements concerning the determination and continuing review by each agency of its training needs and requirements;
(2) the scope and conduct of the agency training programs and plans;
(3) the selection and assignment of employees of each agency for training;

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(4) the use in each agency of the services of employees who have undergone training;
(5) the evaluation of the results and effects of the training programs and plans;
(6) the interchange of training information among the agencies;
(7) the submission of reports by the agencies on results and effects of training programs and plans and economies resulting therefrom, including estimates of costs of training;
(8) requirements and limitations necessary with respect to payments and reimbursements in accordance with section 4109 of this title; and
(9) other matters considered appropriate or necessary by the Office to carry out the provisions of this chapter.
(b) The Office, in accordance with this chapter, may revise, supplement, or abolish regulations prescribed under this section, and prescribe additional regulations.
(c) This section does not authorize the Office to prescribe the types and methods of intra-agency training or to regulate the details of intra-agency training programs.