49 USC 6103 - Minimum standards for State one-call notification programs

(a) Minimum Standards.— 
In order to qualify for a grant under section 6106, a State one-call notification program shall, at a minimum, provide for
(1) appropriate participation by all underground facility operators, including all government operators;
(2) appropriate participation by all excavators, including all government and contract excavators; and
(3) flexible and effective enforcement under State law with respect to participation in, and use of, one-call notification systems.

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(b) Appropriate Participation.— 
In determining the appropriate extent of participation required for types of underground facilities or excavators under subsection (a), a State shall assess, rank, and take into consideration the risks to the public safety, the environment, excavators, and vital public services associated with
(1) damage to types of underground facilities; and
(2) activities of types of excavators.
(c) Implementation.— 
A State one-call notification program also shall, at a minimum, provide for and document
(1) consideration of the ranking of risks under subsection (b) in the enforcement of its provisions;
(2) a reasonable relationship between the benefits of one-call notification and the cost of implementing and complying with the requirements of the State one-call notification program; and
(3) voluntary participation where the State determines that a type of underground facility or an activity of a type of excavator poses a de minimis risk to public safety or the environment.
(d) Penalties.— 
To the extent the State determines appropriate and necessary to achieve the purposes of this chapter, a State one-call notification program shall, at a minimum, provide for
(1) administrative or civil penalties commensurate with the seriousness of a violation by an excavator or facility owner of a State one-call notification program;
(2) increased penalties for parties that repeatedly damage underground facilities because they fail to use one-call notification systems or for parties that repeatedly fail to provide timely and accurate marking after the required call has been made to a one-call notification system;

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(3) reduced or waived penalties for a violation of a requirement of a State one-call notification program that results in, or could result in, damage that is promptly reported by the violator;
(4) equitable relief; and
(5) citation of violations.