49 USC 5322 - Human resource programs

(a) In General.— 
The Secretary of Transportation may undertake, or make grants and contracts for, programs that address human resource needs as they apply to public transportation activities. A program may include
(1) an employment training program;
(2) an outreach program to increase minority and female employment in public transportation activities;
(3) research on public transportation personnel and training needs; and

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(4) training and assistance for minority business opportunities.
(b) Fellowships.— 

(1) Authority to make grants.— 
The Secretary may make grants to States, local governmental authorities, and operators of public transportation systems to provide fellowships to train personnel employed in managerial, technical, and professional positions in the public transportation field.
(2) Terms.— 

(A) Period of training.— 
A fellowship under this subsection may not be for more than 1 year of training in an institution that offers a program applicable to the public transportation industry.
(B) Selection of individuals.— 
A recipient of a grant for a fellowship under this subsection shall select an individual on the basis of demonstrated ability and for the contribution the individual reasonably can be expected to make to an efficient public transportation operation.
(C) Amount.— 
A grant for a fellowship under this subsection may not be more than the lesser of $65,000 or 75 percent of the sum of
(i) tuition and other charges to the fellowship recipient;
(ii) additional costs incurred by the training institution and billed to the grant recipient; and
(iii) the regular salary of the fellowship recipient for the period of the fellowship to the extent the salary is actually paid or reimbursed by the grant recipient.