49 USC 32101 - Definitions

In this part (except chapter 329 and except as provided in section 33101)
(1) bumper standard means a minimum performance standard that substantially reduces
(A) the damage to the front or rear end of a passenger motor vehicle from a low-speed collision (including a collision with a fixed barrier) or from towing the vehicle; or
(B) the cost of repairing the damage.
(2) insurer means a person in the business of issuing, or reinsuring any part of, a passenger motor vehicle insurance policy.
(3) interstate commerce means commerce between a place in a State and
(A) a place in another State; or
(B) another place in the same State through another State.
(4) make, when describing a passenger motor vehicle, means the trade name of the manufacturer of the vehicle.
(5) manufacturer means a person
(A) manufacturing or assembling passenger motor vehicles or passenger motor vehicle equipment; or
(B) importing motor vehicles or motor vehicle equipment for resale.
(6) model, when describing a passenger motor vehicle, means a category of passenger motor vehicles based on the size, style, and type of a make of vehicle.
(7) motor vehicle means a vehicle driven or drawn by mechanical power and manufactured primarily for use on public streets, roads, and highways, but does not include a vehicle operated only on a rail line.
(8) motor vehicle accident means an accident resulting from the maintenance or operation of a passenger motor vehicle or passenger motor vehicle equipment.
(9) multipurpose passenger vehicle means a passenger motor vehicle constructed on a truck chassis or with special features for occasional off-road operation.
(10) passenger motor vehicle means a motor vehicle with motive power designed to carry not more than 12 individuals, but does not include
(A) a motorcycle; or
(B) a truck not designed primarily to carry its operator or passengers.
(11) passenger motor vehicle equipment means
(A) a system, part, or component of a passenger motor vehicle as originally made;
(B) a similar part or component made or sold for replacement or improvement of a system, part, or component, or as an accessory or addition to a passenger motor vehicle; or
(C) a device made or sold for use in towing a passenger motor vehicle.
(12) State means a State of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands.
(13) United States district court means a district court of the United States, a United States court for Guam, the Virgin Islands, and American Samoa, and the district court for the Northern Mariana Islands.