49 USC 20114 - Judicial procedures

(a) Criminal Contempt.— 
In a trial for criminal contempt for violating an injunction or restraining order issued under this chapter, the violation of which is also a violation of this chapter, the defendant may demand a jury trial. The defendant shall be tried as provided in rule 42(b) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (18 App. U.S.C.).
(b) Subpenas For Witnesses.— 
A subpena for a witness required to attend a district court of the United States in an action brought under this chapter may be served in any judicial district.
(c) Review of Agency Action.— 
Except as provided in section 20104 (c) of this title, a proceeding to review a final action of the Secretary of Transportation under this part or, as applicable to railroad safety, chapter 51 or 57 of this title shall be brought in the appropriate court of appeals as provided in chapter 158 of title 28.