46 USC 3203 - Safety management system

(a) In General.— 
The Secretary shall prescribe regulations which establish a safety management system for responsible persons and vessels to which this chapter applies, including
(1) a safety and environmental protection policy;
(2) instructions and procedures to ensure safe operation of those vessels and protection of the environment in compliance with international and United States law;
(3) defined levels of authority and lines of communications between, and among, personnel on shore and on the vessel;

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(4) procedures for reporting accidents and nonconformities with this chapter;
(5) procedures for preparing for and responding to emergency situations; and
(6) procedures for internal audits and management reviews of the system.
(b) Compliance With Code.— 
Regulations prescribed under this section shall be consistent with the International Safety Management Code with respect to vessels to which this chapter applies under section 3202 (a) of this title.