42 USC 7512 - Classification and attainment dates

(a) Classification by operation of law and attainment dates for nonattainment areas 

(1) Each area designated nonattainment for carbon monoxide pursuant to section 7407 (d) of this title shall be classified at the time of such designation under table 1, by operation of law, as a Moderate Area or a Serious Area based on the design value for the area. The design value shall be calculated according to the interpretation methodology issued by the Administrator most recently before November 15, 1990. For each area classified under this subsection, the primary standard attainment date for carbon monoxide shall be as expeditiously as practicable but not later than the date provided in table 1:
(2) At the time of publication of the notice required under section 7407 of this title (designating carbon monoxide nonattainment areas), the Administrator shall publish a notice announcing the classification of each such carbon monoxide nonattainment area. The provisions of section 7502 (a)(1)(B) of this title (relating to lack of notice-and-comment and judicial review) shall apply with respect to such classification.
(3) If an area classified under paragraph (1), table 1, would have been classified in another category if the design value in the area were 5 percent greater or 5 percent less than the level on which such classification was based, the Administrator may, in the Administrators discretion, within 90 days after November 15, 1990, by the procedure required under paragraph (2), adjust the classification of the area. In making such adjustment, the Administrator may consider the number of exceedances of the national primary ambient air quality standard for carbon monoxide in the area, the level of pollution transport between the area and the other affected areas, and the mix of sources and air pollutants in the area. The Administrator may make the same adjustment for purposes of paragraphs (2), (3), (6), and (7) of section 7512a (a) of this title.

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(4) Upon application by any State, the Administrator may extend for 1 additional year (hereinafter in this subpart referred to as the Extension Year) the date specified in table 1 of subsection (a) of this section if
(A) the State has complied with all requirements and commitments pertaining to the area in the applicable implementation plan, and
(B) no more than one exceedance of the national ambient air quality standard level for carbon monoxide has occurred in the area in the year preceding the Extension Year.

No more than 2 one-year extensions may be issued under this paragraph for a single nonattainment area.

(b) New designations and reclassifications 

(1) New designations to nonattainment 
Any area that is designated attainment or unclassifiable for carbon monoxide under section 7407 (d)(4) of this title, and that is subsequently redesignated to nonattainment for carbon monoxide under section 7407 (d)(3) of this title, shall, at the time of the redesignation, be classified by operation of law in accordance with table 1 under subsections (a)(1) and (a)(4) of this section. Upon its classification, the area shall be subject to the same requirements under section 7410 of this title, subpart 1 of this part, and this subpart that would have applied had the area been so classified at the time of the notice under subsection (a)(2) of this section, except that any absolute, fixed date applicable in connection with any such requirement is extended by operation of law by a period equal to the length of time between November 15, 1990, and the date the area is classified.
(2) Reclassification of Moderate Areas upon failure to attain 

(A) General rule 
Within 6 months following the applicable attainment date for a carbon monoxide nonattainment area, the Administrator shall determine, based on the areas design value as of the attainment date, whether the area has attained the standard by that date. Any Moderate Area that the Administrator finds has not attained the standard by that date shall be reclassified by operation of law in accordance with table 1 of subsection (a)(1) of this section as a Serious Area.
(B) Publication of notice 
The Administrator shall publish a notice in the Federal Register, no later than 6 months following the attainment date, identifying each area that the Administrator has determined, under subparagraph (A), as having failed to attain and identifying the reclassification, if any, described under subparagraph (A).
(c) References to terms 
Any reference in this subpart to a Moderate Area or a Serious Area shall be considered a reference to a Moderate Area or a Serious Area, respectively, as classified under this section.