42 USC 1397aa - Purpose; State child health plans

(a) Purpose 
The purpose of this subchapter is to provide funds to States to enable them to initiate and expand the provision of child health assistance to uninsured, low-income children in an effective and efficient manner that is coordinated with other sources of health benefits coverage for children. Such assistance shall be provided primarily for obtaining health benefits coverage through
(1) obtaining coverage that meets the requirements of section 1397cc of this title, or
(2) providing benefits under the States medicaid plan under subchapter XIX of this chapter,

or a combination of both.

(b) State child health plan required 
A State is not eligible for payment under section 1397ee of this title unless the State has submitted to the Secretary under section 1397ff of this title a plan that

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(1) sets forth how the State intends to use the funds provided under this subchapter to provide child health assistance to needy children consistent with the provisions of this subchapter, and
(2) has been approved under section 1397ff of this title.
(c) State entitlement 
This subchapter constitutes budget authority in advance of appropriations Acts and represents the obligation of the Federal Government to provide for the payment to States of amounts provided under section 1397dd of this title.
(d) Effective date 
No State is eligible for payments under section 1397ee of this title for child health assistance for coverage provided for periods beginning before October 1, 1997.