40 USC 323 - Consumer Information Center Fund

(a) Existence.— 
There is in the Treasury a Consumer Information Center Fund, General Services Administration, for the purpose of disseminating Federal Government consumer information to the public and for other related purposes.
(b) Deposits.— 
Money shall be deposited into the Fund from
(1) appropriations from the Treasury for Consumer Information Center activities;
(2) user fees from the public;
(3) reimbursements from other federal agencies for costs of distributing publications; and
(4) any other income incident to Center activities.
(c) Expenditures.— 
Money deposited into the Fund is available for expenditure for Center activities in amounts specified in appropriation laws. The Fund shall assume all liabilities, obligations, and commitments of the Center account.
(d) Unobligated Balances.— 
Any unobligated balances at the end of a fiscal year remain in the Fund and are available for authorization in appropriation laws for subsequent fiscal years.
(e) Gift Account.— 
The Center may accept and deposit to this account gifts for purposes of defraying the costs of printing, publishing, and distributing consumer information and educational materials and undertaking other consumer information activities. In addition to amounts appropriated or otherwise made available, the Center may expend the gifts for these purposes and any balance remains available for expenditure.