38 USC 7302 - Functions of Veterans Health Administration: health-care personnel education and training programs

(a) In order to carry out more effectively the primary function of the Veterans Health Administration and in order to assist in providing an adequate supply of health personnel to the Nation, the Secretary
(1) to the extent feasible without interfering with the medical care and treatment of veterans, shall develop and carry out a program of education and training of health personnel; and
(2) shall carry out a major program for the recruitment, training, and employment of veterans with medical military occupation specialties as
(A) physician assistants;

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(B) expanded-function dental auxiliaries; and
(C) other medical technicians.
(b) In carrying out subsection (a)(1), the Secretary shall include in the program of education and training under that subsection the developing and evaluating of new health careers, interdisciplinary approaches, and career advancement opportunities.
(c) In carrying out subsection (a)(2), the Secretary shall include in the program of recruitment, training, and employment under that subsection measures to advise all qualified veterans with military occupation specialties referred to in that subsection, and all members of the armed forces about to be discharged or released from active duty who have such military occupation specialties, of employment opportunities with the Administration.
(d) The Secretary shall carry out subsection (a) in cooperation with the following institutions and organizations:
(1) Schools of medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry, public health, or allied health professions.
(2) Other institutions of higher learning.
(3) Medical centers.
(4) Academic health centers.
(5) Hospitals.

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(6) Such other public or nonprofit agencies, institutions, or organizations as the Secretary considers appropriate.