38 USC 3701 - Definitions

(a) For the purpose of this chapter, the term housing loan means a loan for any of the purposes specified by sections 3710 (a) and 3712 (a)(1) of this title.
(b) For the purposes of housing loans under this chapter
(1) The term World War II
(A)  means the period beginning on September 16, 1940, and ending on July 25, 1947, and

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(B)  includes, in the case of any veteran who enlisted or reenlisted in a Regular component of the Armed Forces after October 6, 1945, and before October 7, 1946, the period of the first such enlistment or reenlistment.
(2) The term veteran includes the surviving spouse of any veteran (including a person who died in the active military, naval, or air service) who died from a service-connected disability, but only if such surviving spouse is not eligible for benefits under this chapter on the basis of the spouses own active duty. The active duty or service in the Selected Reserve of the deceased spouse shall be deemed to have been active duty or service in the Selected Reserve by such surviving spouse for the purposes of this chapter.
(3) The term veteran also includes, for purposes of home loans, the spouse of any member of the Armed Forces serving on active duty who is listed, pursuant to section 556 of title 37, United States Code, and regulations issued thereunder, by the Secretary concerned in one or more of the following categories and has been so listed for a total of more than ninety days:
(A)  missing in action,
(B)  captured in line of duty by a hostile force, or
(C)  forcibly detained or interned in line of duty by a foreign government or power. The active duty of the member shall be deemed to have been active duty by such spouse for the purposes of this chapter. The loan eligibility of such spouse under this paragraph shall be limited to one loan guaranteed or made for the acquisition of a home, and entitlement to such loan shall terminate automatically, if not used, upon receipt by such spouse of official notice that the member is no longer listed in one of the categories specified in the first sentence of this paragraph.
(4) The term veteran also includes an individual serving on active duty.
(A) The term veteran also includes an individual who is not otherwise eligible for the benefits of this chapter and
(i)  who has completed a total service of at least 6 years in the Selected Reserve and, following the completion of such service, was discharged from service with an honorable discharge, was placed on the retired list, was transferred to the Standby Reserve or an element of the Ready Reserve other than the Selected Reserve after service in the Selected Reserve characterized by the Secretary concerned as honorable service, or continues serving in the Selected Reserve, or

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(ii)  who was discharged or released from the Selected Reserve before completing 6 years of service because of a service-connected disability.
(B) The term Selected Reserve means the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve of any of the reserve components (including the Army National Guard of the United States and the Air National Guard of the United States) of the Armed Forces, as required to be maintained under section 10143 (a) of title 10.
(c) Benefits shall not be afforded under this chapter to any individual on account of service as a commissioned officer of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (or predecessor entity), or of the Regular or Reserve Corps of the Public Health Service, unless such service would have qualified such individual for benefits under title III of the Servicemens Readjustment Act of 1944.