38 USC 1534 - Surviving spouses of Indian War veterans

(a) The Secretary shall pay to the surviving spouse of each Indian War veteran who met the service requirements of section 1511 of this title a pension at the following monthly rate:
(1) $40.64 if such surviving spouse is below seventy years of age; or
(2) $70 if such surviving spouse is seventy years of age or older.
(b) If there is a child of the veteran, the rate of pension paid to the surviving spouse under subsection (a) shall be increased by $8.13 per month for each such child.

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(c) No pension shall be paid to a surviving spouse of a veteran under this section unless such surviving spouse was married to such veteran
(1) before March 4, 1917; or
(2) for one year or more; or
(3) for any period of time if a child was born of the marriage, or was born to them before the marriage.