37 USC 551 - Definitions

In this chapter:
(1) The term dependent, with respect to a member of a uniformed service, means
(A) his spouse;
(B) his unmarried child (including an unmarried dependent stepchild or adopted child) under 21 years of age;
(C) his dependent mother or father;
(D) a dependent designated in official records; and
(E) a person determined to be dependent by the Secretary concerned, or his designee.
(2) The term missing status means the status of a member of a uniformed service who is officially carried or determined to be absent in a status of
(A) missing;
(B) missing in action;
(C) interned in a foreign country;
(D) captured, beleaguered, or besieged by a hostile force; or
(E) detained in a foreign country against his will.
(3) The term pay and allowances means
(A) basic pay;
(B) special pay;
(C) incentive pay;
(D) basic allowance for housing;
(E) basic allowance for subsistence; and
(F) station per diem allowances for not more than 90 days.