31 USC 1116 - Program performance reports

(a) Not later than 150 days after the end of an agencys fiscal year, the head of each agency shall prepare and submit to the President and the Congress, a report on program performance for the previous fiscal year.
(1) Each program performance report shall set forth the performance indicators established in the agency performance plan under section 1115, along with the actual program performance achieved compared with the performance goals expressed in the plan for that fiscal year.
(2) If performance goals are specified in an alternative form under section 1115 (b), the results of such program shall be described in relation to such specifications, including whether the performance failed to meet the criteria of a minimally effective or successful program.

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(c) The report for fiscal year 2000 shall include actual results for the preceding fiscal year, the report for fiscal year 2001 shall include actual results for the two preceding fiscal years, and the report for fiscal year 2002 and all subsequent reports shall include actual results for the three preceding fiscal years.
(d) Each report shall
(1) review the success of achieving the performance goals of the fiscal year;
(2) evaluate the performance plan for the current fiscal year relative to the performance achieved toward the performance goals in the fiscal year covered by the report;
(3) explain and describe, where a performance goal has not been met (including when a program activitys performance is determined not to have met the criteria of a successful program activity under section 1115 (b)(1)(A)(ii) or a corresponding level of achievement if another alternative form is used)
(A) why the goal was not met;
(B) those plans and schedules for achieving the established performance goal; and
(C) if the performance goal is impractical or infeasible, why that is the case and what action is recommended;
(4) describe the use and assess the effectiveness in achieving performance goals of any waiver under section 97031 of this title;
(5) include a review of the performance goals and evaluation of the performance plan relative to the agencys strategic human capital management; and

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(6) include the summary findings of those program evaluations completed during the fiscal year covered by the report.
(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), each program performance report shall contain an assessment by the agency head of the completeness and reliability of the performance data included in the report. The assessment shall describe any material inadequacies in the completeness and reliability of the performance data, and the actions the agency can take and is taking to resolve such inadequacies.
(2) If a program performance report is incorporated into a report submitted under section 3516, the requirements of section 3516 (e) shall apply in lieu of paragraph (1).
(f) The functions and activities of this section shall be considered to be inherently Governmental functions. The drafting of program performance reports under this section shall be performed only by Federal employees.
[1] See References in Text note below.