29 USC 49g - State plans

(a) Submission to Secretary 
Any State desiring to receive assistance under this chapter shall submit to the Secretary, as part of the State plan submitted under section 2822 of this title, detailed plans for carrying out the provisions of this chapter within such State.
(b) Contents of plans 
Such plans shall include provision for the promotion and development of employment opportunities for handicapped persons and for job counseling and placement of such persons, and for the designation of at least one person in each State or Federal employment office, whose duties shall include the effectuation of such purposes. In those States where a State board, department, or agency exists which is charged with the administration of State laws for vocational rehabilitation of physically handicapped persons, such plans shall include provision for cooperation between such board, department, or agency and the agency designated to cooperate with the United States Employment Service under this chapter.
(c) Information on coordination of workforce investment activities and one-stop delivery system development 
The part of the State plan described in subsection (a) of this section shall include the information described in paragraphs (8) and (14) of section 2822 (b) of this title.
(d) Approval by Secretary 
If such detailed plans are in conformity with the provisions of this chapter and reasonably appropriate and adequate to carry out its purposes, they shall be approved by the Secretary and due notice of such approval shall be given to the State agency.