26 USC 5041 - Imposition and rate of tax

(a) Imposition 
There is hereby imposed on all wines (including imitation, substandard, or artificial wine, and compounds sold as wine) having not in excess of 24 percent of alcohol by volume, in bond in, produced in, or imported into, the United States, taxes at the rates shown in subsection (b), such taxes to be determined as of the time of removal for consumption or sale. All wines containing more than 24 percent of alcohol by volume shall be classed as distilled spirits and taxed accordingly. Still wines shall include those wines containing not more than 0.392 gram of carbon dioxide per hundred milliliters of wine; except that the Secretary may by regulations prescribe such tolerances to this maximum limitation as may be reasonably necessary in good commercial practice.
(b) Rates of tax 

(1) On still wines containing not more than 14 percent of alcohol by volume, $1.07 per wine gallon;
(2) On still wines containing more than 14 percent and not exceeding 21 percent of alcohol by volume, $1.57 per wine gallon;
(3) On still wines containing more than 21 percent and not exceeding 24 percent of alcohol by volume, $3.15 per wine gallon;
(4) On champagne and other sparkling wines, $3.40 per wine gallon;
(5) On artificially carbonated wines, $3.30 per wine gallon; and
(6) On hard cider which is a still wine derived primarily from apples or apple concentrate and water, containing no other fruit product, and containing at least one-half of 1 percent and less than 7 percent alcohol by volume, 22.6 cents per wine gallon.
(c) Credit for small domestic producers 

(1) Allowance of credit 
Except as provided in paragraph (2), in the case of a person who produces not more than 250,000 wine gallons of wine during the calendar year, there shall be allowed as a credit against any tax imposed by this title (other than chapters 2, 21, and 22) of 90 cents per wine gallon on the 1st 100,000 wine gallons of wine (other than wine described in subsection (b)(4)) which are removed during such year for consumption or sale and which have been produced at qualified facilities in the United States. In the case of wine described in subsection (b)(6), the preceding sentence shall be applied by substituting 5.6 cents for 90 cents.
(2) Reduction in credit 
The credit allowable by paragraph (1) shall be reduced (but not below zero) by 1 percent for each 1,000 wine gallons of wine produced in excess of 150,000 wine gallons of wine during the calendar year.
(3) Time for determining and allowing credit 
The credit allowable by paragraph (1)
(A) shall be determined at the same time the tax is determined under subsection (a) of this section, and
(B) shall be allowable at the time any tax described in paragraph (1) is payable as if the credit allowable by this subsection constituted a reduction in the rate of such tax.
(4) Controlled groups 
Rules similar to rules of section 5051 (a)(2)(B) shall apply for purposes of this subsection.
(5) Denial of deduction 
Any deduction under subtitle A with respect to any tax against which a credit is allowed under this subsection shall only be for the amount of such tax as reduced by such credit.
(6) Credit for transferee in bond 
(A) wine produced by any person would be eligible for any credit under paragraph (1) if removed by such person during the calendar year,
(B) wine produced by such person is removed during such calendar year by any other person (hereafter in this paragraph referred to as the transferee) to whom such wine was transferred in bond and who is liable for the tax imposed by this section with respect to such wine, and
(C) such producer holds title to such wine at the time of its removal and provides to the transferee such information as is necessary to properly determine the transferees credit under this paragraph,

then, the transferee (and not the producer) shall be allowed the credit under paragraph (1) which would be allowed to the producer if the wine removed by the transferee had been removed by the producer on that date.

(7) Regulations 
The Secretary may prescribe such regulations as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this subsection, including regulations
(A) to prevent the credit provided in this subsection from benefiting any person who produces more than 250,000 wine gallons of wine during a calendar year, and
(B) to assure proper reduction of such credit for persons producing more than 150,000 wine gallons of wine during a calendar year.
(d) Wine gallon 
For the purpose of this chapter, the term wine gallon means a United States gallon of liquid measure equivalent to the volume of 231 cubic inches. On lesser quantities the tax shall be paid proportionately (fractions of less than one-tenth gallon being converted to the nearest one-tenth gallon, and five-hundredths gallon being converted to the next full one-tenth gallon).
(e) Tolerances 
Where the Secretary finds that the revenue will not be endangered thereby, he may by regulation prescribe tolerances (but not greater than 1/2 of 1 percent) for bottles and other containers, and, if such tolerances are prescribed, no assessment shall be made and no tax shall be collected for any excess in any case where the contents of a bottle or other container are within the limit of the applicable tolerance prescribed.
(f) Illegally produced wine 
Notwithstanding subsection (a), any wine produced in the United States at any place other than the bonded premises provided for in this chapter shall (except as provided in section 5042 in the case of tax-free production) be subject to tax at the rate prescribed in subsection (b) at the time of production and whether or not removed for consumption or sale.