25 USC 564d - Management specialists

(a) Employment; duties 
The Secretary is authorized and directed to select and retain by contract, at the earliest practicable time after August 13, 1954 and after consultation with the tribe at a general meeting called for that purpose, the services of qualified management specialists who shall
(1) cause an appraisal to be made, within not more than twelve months after their employment, or as soon thereafter as practicable, of all tribal property showing its fair market value by practicable logging or other appropriate economic units;
(2) immediately after the appraisal of the tribal property and approval of the appraisal by the Secretary, give to each member whose name appears on the final roll of the tribe an opportunity to elect to withdraw from the tribe and have his interest in tribal property converted into money and paid to him, or to remain in the tribe and participate in the tribal management plan to be prepared pursuant to paragraph (5) of this subsection; in the case of members who are minors, persons declared incompetent by judicial proceedings, or deceased, the opportunity to make such election on their behalf shall be given to the person designated by the Secretary as the person best able to represent the interests of such member: Provided, however, That any member, or any heir or any devisee of any deceased member, for whom the Secretary has so designated a representative may (on his own behalf, through his natural guardian, or next friend) within one hundred and twenty days after receipt of written notice of such secretarial designation, contest the secretarial designation in any naturalization court for the area in which such member resides, by filing of a petition therein requesting designation of a named person other than the secretarial designee, and the burden shall thereupon devolve upon the Secretary to show cause why the member-designated representative should not represent the interests of such member, and the decision of such court shall be final and conclusive;
(3) determine and select the portion of the tribal property which if sold at the appraised value would provide sufficient funds to pay the members who elect to have their interests converted into money, arrange for the sale of such property, and distribute the proceeds of sale among the members entitled thereto: Provided, That any person whose name appears on the final roll of the tribe, or a guardian on behalf of any such person who is a minor or an incompetent, shall have the right to purchase, for his or its own account but not as an agent for others, any of such property in lots as offered for sale for not less than the highest offer received by competitive bid; any individual Indian purchaser who has elected to withdraw from the tribe may apply toward the purchase price up to 100 per centum of the amount estimated by the Secretary to be due him from the sale or taking of forest and marsh land pursuant to subsection (b), (d), and (f) of section 564w–1 of this title, and up to 75 per centum of the amount estimated by the Secretary to be due him from the conversion of his interest in other tribal property; and if more than one right is exercised to purchase the same property pursuant to this proviso the property shall be sold to one of such persons on the basis of competitive bids: Provided further, That when determining and selecting the portion of the tribal property to be sold, due consideration shall be given to the use of such property for grazing purposes by the members of both groups of the tribe;

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(4) cause such studies and reports to be made as may be deemed necessary or desirable by the tribe or by the Secretary in connection with the termination of Federal supervision as provided for in this subchapter; and
(5) cause a plan to be prepared in form and content satisfactory to the members who elect to remain in the tribe and to the Secretary for the management of tribal property through a trustee, corporation, or other legal entity. If no plan that is satisfactory both to the members who elect to remain in the tribe and to the Secretary has been prepared six months before the time limit provided in section 564e (b) of this title the Secretary shall adopt a plan for managing the tribal property, subject to the provisions of section 564n of this title.
(b) Availability of funds for expenditures; reimbursement of tribal funds 
Such amounts of Klamath tribal funds as may be required for the purposes of this section shall be available for expenditure by the Secretary. In order to reimburse the tribe, in part, for expenditure of such tribal funds as the Secretary deems necessary for the purposes of carrying out the requirements of this section, there is authorized to be appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, an amount equal to one-half of such expenditures from tribal funds, or the sum of $550,000, whichever is the lesser amount.