20 USC 972 - Items eligible for indemnity agreements

(a) Works of art; printed or published materials; other artifacts or objects; photographs, motion pictures, or tapes 
The Council may make an indemnity agreement under this chapter with respect to
(1) works of art, including tapestries, paintings, sculpture, folk art, graphics, and craft arts;
(2) manuscripts, rare documents, books, and other printed or published materials;
(3) other artifacts or objects; and

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(4) photographs, motion pictures, or audio and video tape;

which are

(A)  of educational, cultural, historical, or scientific value, and
(B)  in the case of international exhibitions, certified by the Secretary of State or his designee as being in the national interest.
(b) Extension of coverage; “on exhibition” defined 

(1) An indemnity agreement made under this chapter shall cover eligible items while on exhibition in the United States or elsewhere preferably when part of an exchange of exhibitions.
(2) For purposes of this subsection, the term on exhibition includes that period of time beginning on the date the eligible items leave the premises of the lender or place designated by the lender and ending on the date such items are returned to the premises of the lender or place designated by the lender.