19 USC 3103 - Investigation of foreign telecommunications trade barriers

(a) In general 
The Trade Representative shall conduct an investigation to identify priority foreign countries. Such investigation shall be concluded by no later than the date that is 5 months after August 23, 1988.
(b) Factors to be taken into account 
In identifying priority foreign countries under subsection (a) of this section, the Trade Representative shall take into account, among other relevant factors
(1) the nature and significance of the acts, policies, and practices that deny mutually advantageous market opportunities to telecommunications products and services of United States firms;
(2) the economic benefits (actual and potential) accruing to foreign firms from open access to the United States market;
(3) the potential size of the market of a foreign country for telecommunications products and services of United States firms;
(4) the potential to increase United States exports of telecommunications products and services, either directly or through the establishment of a beneficial precedent; and
(5) measurable progress being made to eliminate the objectionable acts, policies, or practices.
(c) Revocations and additional identifications 

(1) The Trade Representative may at any time, after taking into account the factors described in subsection (b) of this section
(A) revoke the identification of any priority foreign country that was made under this section, or
(B) identify any foreign country as a priority foreign country under this section,

if information available to the Trade Representative indicates that such action is appropriate.

(2) The Trade Representative shall include in the semiannual report submitted to the Congress under section 2419 (3) of this title a detailed explanation of the reasons for the revocation under paragraph (1) of this subsection of any identification of any foreign country as a priority foreign country.
(d) Report to Congress 
By no later than the date that is 30 days after the date on which the investigation conducted under subsection (a) of this section is completed, the United States Trade Representative shall submit a report on the investigation to the President and to appropriate committees of the Congress.