16 USC 3830 - Comprehensive conservation enhancement program

(a) Establishment 

(1) In general 
During the 1996 through 2002 calendar years, the Secretary shall establish a comprehensive conservation enhancement program (referred to in this section as CCEP) to be implemented through contracts and the acquisition of easements to assist owners and operators of farms and ranches to conserve and enhance soil, water, and related natural resources, including grazing land, wetland, and wildlife habitat.
(2) Means 
The Secretary shall carry out the CCEP by
(A) providing for the long-term protection of environmentally sensitive land; and

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(B) providing technical and financial assistance to farmers and ranchers to
(i) improve the management and operation of the farms and ranches; and
(ii) reconcile productivity and profitability with protection and enhancement of the environment.
(3) Programs 
The CCEP shall consist of
(A) the conservation reserve program established under subpart B;
(B) the wetlands reserve program established under subpart C; and
(C) the environmental quality incentives program established under part IV of this subchapter.
(b) Administration 

(1) In general 
In carrying out the CCEP, the Secretary shall enter into contracts with owners and operators and acquire interests in land through easements from owners, as provided in this part and part IV of this subchapter.
(2) Prior enrollments 
Acreage enrolled in the conservation reserve or wetlands reserve program prior to April 4, 1996, shall be considered to be placed into the CCEP.