15 USC 5633 - Technology demonstration program

(a) Establishment 
As a fundamental component of a national land remote sensing strategy, the President shall establish, through appropriate United States Government agencies, a technology demonstration program. The goals of such programs shall be to
(1) seek to launch advanced land remote sensing system components within 5 years after October 28, 1992.[1]
(2) demonstrate within such 5-year period advanced sensor capabilities suitable for use in the anticipated land remote sensing program; and
(3) demonstrate within such 5-year period an advanced land remote sensing system design that could be less expensive to procure and operate than the Landsat system projected to be in operation through the year 2000, and that therefore holds greater potential for private sector investment and control.
(b) Execution of program 
In executing the technology demonstration program, the President shall seek to apply technologies associated with United States National Technical Means of intelligence gathering, to the extent that such technologies are appropriate for the technology demonstration and can be declassified for such purposes without causing adverse harm to United States national security interests.
(c) Broad application 
To the greatest extent practicable, the technology demonstration program established under subsection (a) of this section shall be designed to be responsive to the broad civilian, national security, commercial, and foreign policy needs of the United States.
(d) Private sector funding 
The technology demonstration program under this section may be carried out in part with private sector funding.
(e) Landsat Program Management coordination 
The Landsat Program Management shall have a coordinating role in the technology demonstration program carried out under this section.
(f) Report to Congress 
The President shall assess the progress of the technology demonstration program under this section and, within 2 years after October 28, 1992, submit a report to the Congress on such progress.
[1] So in original. The period probably should be a semicolon.