15 USC 1473 - Conventional packages, marketing

(a) Noncomplying packages for elderly or handicapped persons; labeling statements 
For the purpose of making any household substance which is subject to a standard established under section 1472 of this title readily available to elderly or handicapped persons unable to use such substance when packaged in compliance with such standard, the manufacturer or packer, as the case may be, may package any household substance, subject to such a standard, in packaging of a single size which does not comply with such standard if
(1) the manufacturer (or packer) also supplies such substance in packages which comply with such standard; and
(2) the packages of such substance which do not meet such standard bear conspicuous labeling stating: This package for households without young children; except that the Commission may by regulation prescribe a substitute statement to the same effect for packaging too small to accommodate such labeling.
(b) Noncomplying packages for substances dispensed pursuant to orders of medical practitioners 
In the case of a household substance which is subject to such a standard and which is dispensed pursuant to an order of physician, dentist, or other licensed medical practitioner authorized to prescribe, such substance may be dispensed in noncomplying packages only when directed in such order or when requested by the purchaser.

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(c) Exclusive use of special packaging; necessary circumstances 
In the case of a household substance subject to such a standard which is packaged under subsection (a) of this section in a noncomplying package, if the Commission determines that such substance is not also being supplied by a manufacturer (or packer) in popular size packages which comply with such standard, it may, after giving the manufacturer (or packer) an opportunity to comply with the purposes of this Act, by order require such substance to be packaged by such manufacturer (or packer) exclusively in special packaging complying with such standard if it finds, after opportunity for hearing, that such exclusive use of special packaging is necessary to accomplish the purposes of this Act.