12 USC 4561 - Establishment of housing goals

(a) In general 
The Director shall, by regulation, establish effective for 2010 and each year thereafter, annual housing goals, with respect to the mortgage purchases by the enterprises, as follows:
(1) Single-family housing goals 
Four single-family housing goals under section 4562 of this title.
(2) Multifamily special affordable housing goal 
One multifamily special affordable housing goal under section 4563 of this title.
(b) Timing 
The Director shall, by regulation, establish an annual deadline by which the Director shall establish the annual housing goals under this subpart for each year, taking into consideration the need for the enterprises to reasonably and sufficiently plan their operations and activities in advance, including operations and activities necessary to meet such annual goals.
(c) Transition 
The annual housing goals effective for 2008 pursuant to this subpart, as in effect before July 30, 2008, shall remain in effect for 2009, except that not later than the expiration of the 270-day period beginning on July 30, 2008, the Director shall review such goals applicable for 2009 to determine the feasibility of such goals given the market conditions current at such time and, after seeking public comment for a period not to exceed 30 days, may make appropriate adjustments consistent with such market conditions.
(d) Eliminating interest rate disparities 

(1) In general 
Upon request by the Director, an enterprise shall provide to the Director, in a form determined by the Director, data the Director may review to determine whether there exist disparities in interest rates charged on mortgages to borrowers who are minorities as compared with comparable mortgages to borrowers of similar creditworthiness who are not minorities.
(2) Remedial actions upon preliminary finding 
Upon a preliminary finding by the Director that a pattern of disparities in interest rates with respect to any lender or lenders exists pursuant to the data provided by an enterprise in paragraph (1), the Director shallX[1]
(A) refer the preliminary finding to the appropriate regulatory or enforcement agency for further review; and
(B) require the enterprise to submit additional data with respect to any lender or lenders, as appropriate and to the extent practicable, to the Director who shall submit any such additional data to the regulatory or enforcement agency for appropriate action.
(3) Annual report to Congress 
The Director shall submit to the Committee on Financial Services of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs of the Senate a report describing the actions taken, and being taken, by the Director to carry out this subsection. No such report shall identify any lender or lenders who have not been found to have engaged in discriminatory lending practices pursuant to a final adjudication on the record, and after opportunity for an administrative hearing, in accordance with subchapter II of chapter 5 of title 5.
(4) Protection of identity of individuals 
In carrying out this subsection, the Director shall ensure that no property-related or financial information that would enable a borrower to be identified shall be made public.
[1] So in original.