12 USC 3761 - Foreclosure costs

The following foreclosure costs shall be paid from the sale proceeds before satisfaction of any other claim to such sale proceeds:
(1) Advertising and postage 
Necessary advertising costs and postage incurred in giving notice pursuant to sections 3758 and 3760 of this title.
(2) Mileage 
Mileage (determined by the most reasonable road distance) for posting notices and for the foreclosure commissioners or auctioneers attendance at the sale, as provided in section 1821 of title 28.
(3) Title and lien search 
Reasonable and necessary costs incurred in connection with any search of title and lien records.
(4) Recordation fees 
Costs incurred to record documents.

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(5) Commission 
A commission for the foreclosure commissioner (if the foreclosure commissioner is not an employee of the United States) for the conduct of the foreclosure, to the extent such a commission is authorized by the Secretary.