115 US 55 Richter v. Jerome

5 S.Ct. 1162

115 U.S. 55

29 L.Ed. 345

JEROME and others.

May 4, 1885.

J. P. Whittemore, for the motion.

H. H. Wells, in opposition.


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This motion is denied. Equity rule 70 has no application to this case, and the affidavits presented do not show such facts as render it necessary for this court to make any special order in the premises. Under section 866 of the Revised Statutes 'any circuit court, upon application to it as a court of equity, may, according to the usages of chancery, direct depositions to be taken in perpetuam rei memoriam, if they relate to any matter that may be cognizable in any court of the United States.' There is nothing in the motion papers to indicate that the appellant may not proceed under this statute to take and perpetuate his testimony, if he has reason to fear that it will otherwise be lost.