108 US 14 Feibelman v. Packard

108 U.S. 14

1 S.Ct. 138

27 L.Ed. 634

PACKARD and others.

November 13, 1882.

John Ray, for plaintiff in error.

J. R. Beckwith, for defendants in error.


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Moses Feibelman and George Voelker, as partners, sued the defendants in error to recover damages for the seizure of their partnership goods by Packard, marshal of the United States for the district of Louisiana. A judgment was rendered against them. Their interests in the suit were joint, and the judgment affects them jointly and not separately. Feibelman alone has brought this writ of error, and there has been no summons and severance, or other equivalent proceeding. It follows that the writ must be dismissed on the authority of Williams v. Bank U. S. 11 Wheat. 414; Masterson v. Herndon, 10 Wall. 416; Simpson v. Greeley, 20 Wall. 152; and it is so ordered.