10 USC 2122 - Eligibility for participation

(a) To be eligible for participation as a member of the program, a person must be a citizen of the United States and must
(1) be accepted for admission to, or enrolled in, an institution in a course of study or selected to receive specialized training;
(2) sign an agreement that unless sooner separated he will
(A) complete the educational phase of the program;

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(B) accept an appropriate reappointment or designation within his military service, if tendered, based upon his health profession, following satisfactory completion of the program;
(C) participate in the intern program of his service if selected for such participation;
(D) participate in the residency program of his service, if selected, or be released from active duty for the period required to undergo civilian residency if selected for such training; and
(E) because of his sincere motivation and dedication to a career in the uniformed services, participate in military training while he is in the program, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Defense; and
(3) meet the requirements for appointment as a commissioned officer.
(b) The Secretary of Defense may require, as part of the agreement under subsection (a)(2), that a person must agree to accept, if offered, residency training in a health profession skill which has been designated by the Secretary as a critically needed wartime skill.