10 USC 14306 - Establishment of promotion zones: Navy Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve running mate system

(a) Authority of Secretary of the Navy.— 
The Secretary of the Navy may by regulation implement section 14305 of this title by requiring that the promotion zone for consideration of officers on the reserve active-status list of the Navy or the Marine Corps for promotion to the next higher grade be determined in accordance with a running mate system as provided in subsection (b).
(b) Assignment of Running Mates.— 
An officer to whom a running mate system applies shall be assigned as a running mate an officer of the same grade on the active-duty list of the same armed force. The officer on the reserve active-status list is in the promotion zone and is eligible for consideration for promotion to the next higher grade by a selection board convened under section 14101 (a) of this title when that officers running mate is in or above the promotion zone established for that officers grade under chapter 36 of this title.
(c) Consideration of Officers Below the Zone Under a Running Mate System.— 
If the Secretary of the Navy authorizes the selection of officers for promotion from below the promotion zone in accordance with section 14307 of this title, the number of officers to be considered from below the zone may be established through the application of the running mate system or otherwise as the Secretary determines to be appropriate to meet the needs of the Navy or Marine Corps.